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Essential of having the Lip Piercings


Named after the melodic symbol, the Madonna puncturing is put on the correct side of the face simply over the upper lip. The specific area of Madonna’s own mole.


There is not any more notable excellence mark than Marilyn Monroe’s. The Monroe penetrating is in reverence to that. It is put on the left half of the face simply over the top lip, precisely where Marilyn’s excellence mark was.


While considered a lip penetrating, with a labret the lip is not in fact punctured. The labret is directly underneath the base lip over the jawline.


The medusa puncturing is put in that little plunge on the highest point of your lip underneath the nose. Position is significant here, as you would prefer not to lose the balance of your face. So locate a decent piercer.

Vertical Labret

A vertical labret has two openings. One is in a similar spot as a customary labret, with the subsequent opening emerging from the center of the base lip.

Jest rum

Jestrum piercings, otherwise called vertical medusas, are put in theĀ piercing pour teton coeur over the upper lip with the opposite end coming out the underside of the upper lip.

Creepy crawly Bites

Creepy crawly chomp piercings are a couple of piercings near one another. They are put either on the top or base lip. Getting two piercings so near one another simultaneously can be agonizing, so you have been cautioned.

Blessed messenger Bites

Blessed messenger chomp piercings are two equally isolated piercings on the upper lip. Consider them a blend of Monroe and Madonna piercings. Snake chomp piercings are something contrary to this.

Digital Bites

Digital chomp piercings are a mix of medusa and labret. One opening is put in the middle simply over the top lip with the other opening in the middle underneath the base lip.

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Dolphin Bites

Dolphin nibble piercings are two piercings fixated on the lower lip near one another. They are like snake chomp piercings closer in distance.

Dahlia Bites

Dahlia piercings are done at the edge of the mouth. You can complete them two by two or one done. They can be rings yet studs are better known.

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