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Feng Shui Consultation Rules For Using Mirrors

Feng Shui is followed by many to Encourage good fortune and prosperity. Everyone wants to improve their wealth and have great business opportunities and financial returns. Balancing the five elements of fire, water, wind, fire and metal helps bring good fortune and prosperity. Many a times all components can’t be put in stability and major structural changes aren’t feasible in the home. So many Feng Shui consultants advise the positioning of mirrors to help increase the energy of the space. There are many applications of mirrors since early times. ‘Mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all’ is what we all remember from childhood for a bit for beautifying the area and also confronting the world by looking after our looks? In interior decoration mirrors are put to grow the duration of the room.Feng Shui Consultation

After the living room is small it is advised to hang a huge mirror that reflects the space and creates the illusion of increased length of the space. However, in feng shui consultation it is essential to think about where the mirror is placed as if positioned wrongly it may cause material losses and disharmony in the house. The opinion reflected in the mirror is very important. If it reflects something negative like an overhead beam or dead plants or paintings depicting warfare and negative emotions it will double the despair and negative feelings and so lead to quarrels among the inmates of the house. If mirror reflects the door the good ‘chi’ or positive energy entering from the primary door is reflected back resulting in material losses.

Mirrors also have to be avoided in bedrooms particularly behind the bed as this contributes to conflicts between the couple and a number of cases also divorce. Place mirrors in such a way that They double our positivity and prosperity. Reflecting food on the table, in our Cash drawer, paintings of healthy flowers and joyful individuals leads to doubling of Happiness, and mirrors are also used to ward off negative energies as previously Front door if it confronts some negative place or people.

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