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Kanha National Park – An Exciting Wildlife Tour

Kanha National Park is a playground Which is located at Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh. Kanha National Park is known to have the maximum tiger reserve. Kanha was split into two sanctuaries in 1930, Hallon, Banjar of 250 and 300 km sq. each. This Park has been established on the 1st of June 1955. It is in total 940 km sq. that is stretched in both areas of Mandla and Balaghat. The park has the significant population of Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopard, the sloth bear, Barahsingha and the Indian wild dog.


The forest land of kanha national park is the combination of Sal and other tropical deciduous sort of trees that is having completely different character with bamboo. There are lots of such quality of grass that are recognized from the grasslands of Kanha that is very important to the Barasingha to endure. The dense woods of Kanha is having the abundant species of climbers, shrubs and herbs.

Kanha National Park


As calculated in 2006 there is Around 131 tigers from the Kanha National Park. The playground is also having the populace of leopards, the sloth bears and Indian wild dogs. The population of leopards estimated up to 80, the wild dogs up to 396 and sloth Endure is about 111 for the year 2000. The most abundant species which are found In Kanha is seen dear or chital that is projected to about 20000 in the park. The next largest population in the park is the Sambar That is a constitute an important prey of tigers. Others are like langur 6668 in 2000, wild boar 8534 in 2000, gaur more than 2000, sambar 3621 in 2000, and Barasingha or Swamp dear which is located only in the Kanha. The other species of the Park is the rhesus macaque, golden jackal, Bengal fox, Indian grey mongoose, leopard cat, Indian porcupine, Indian hare.

The National Park at Kanha is Home to the most endangered species of animals and that is the tricky ground Swamp Deer that is currently quite visible to the onlooker. Aside from these you can easily see Cheetal, Sambhar and the Spotted Deer in the meadows grazing away in a serene way. Langurs and sloth bears make their presence felt in the jungle. It is really a joy to see the entire gang of langurs leaping from one tree to another, carrying their young ones near their heart. Aside from this, there are Various kinds of insects such as the termites and spiders that also include an enriching value into the eco-system of the jungle and aid from the decomposing of the flora and fauna too. Thus, a visit to the Kanha National Park not only requires the sighting of the wild creatures but additionally, it compels you to study the awesome dynamics of the jungle and its eco-system.

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