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Technical and Non-Technical Advertising

Advertising has always been an important part while promoting a commodity or service. It is a means by which consumers can have a brief idea about the components of the product. A single product is produced by a lot of different companies. A consumer has many options to choose from. So, it is a necessity to advertise a product. The advertising is done in such a way so that the consumer can relate to it. This helps in generating new leads as well as retaining the old ones.

Pop up Trade Show Displays

Forms of Advertising:

There is a vast difference in advertising in today’s time as it was few years earlier. As technology is advancing, so are the methods of advertising. A product promotion directly affects the sales of a product in a market. Different forms of advertising can be broadly classified into following categories:

  1. Technical Form: Since there are different modes of communication now-a-days, so with the latest technology, it has been easier to reach to the masses.
  • Digital platform is one big open market. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram is trending.
  • Advertising on well followed websites
  • Mobile phone adds like messages and calls
  • Email advertising
  1. Non-technical Form: These are a bit old-school form but are target oriented and effective. They can further be classified as :
  1. Printed form: Although this is an old method of advertising, but still has it value in the present market. It can be in the form of ads in newspapers, magazines, pamphlets or handouts and brochures.
  1. Media form: Television and radio shall forever remain an evergreen way of promotion. It can reach out to a mass people at one go.
  1. Manual form: Still a lot of advertising is done on one-to-one basis. Customers are approached directly in the form of campaigns, door-to-door visit etc.

While online promotion is one of the effective ways, but one-to-one promotion are more targets oriented. When a particular product is manually advertised, it helps in proper display of the product. Queries can be answered on spot. The potential customer can feel and enquire about the commodity directly with the representative. These representatives are direct employees of the company who have in-depth knowledge about the said product. For example: Medical representatives when visit doctors personally, they can display their manufactured medicine or equipment to the doctors directly. These doctors then recommend the products to his patients if he is satisfied with its composition.  The patients are in turn potential customers for the company. This is one such example. Lots of companies still prefer manual advertising over digital or print media. While promoting a product personally, Pop UpTrade Show Displays are being used world-wide. These are light in weight and can be carried to remote areas without difficulty. They take up fewer places while on display and can be moulded according to size and needs. Pop-ups can easily be recognized and are attractive. Thus, pop up displays are quite target oriented and are budget friendly and are effective mode of advertising in the recent times.

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