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Utilizing Business Astrology to Find the Great Match

Astrology fitting is a little Different than your weekly or daily horoscope which you see in magazines and newspapers. I personally am not too keen on the fortune telling aspect of astrology as I strongly believe we have the capacity to shape our own destiny in life. But when it comes to finding the perfect fit in relationships that I see value in looking into the star signs for advice as I think our characters are to a certain extent influenced by the alignment of the stars at the time of our arrival. People considered astrology as an Art and a science in early times. Kings and warriors consulted the respected professionals before entering conflicts or participating in matrimony. Afterwards the astronomers and astrologers went their different ways. Today astrology is considered a pseudo-science and some people even think it is utter nonsense.

I have got an open mind about it as I do about most things in life. I have read about the zodiac twelve star signs and each has its own merits and flaws. Looking at my own relatives and friends I am very surprised to notice how certain things ring true based on the horoscope. But then again, the idea of self-fulfilling prophecy can’t be ruled out. Astrology fitting is a rather Complex issue since we use it to help determine how well people of different signs will get together. This doesn’t just apply to our intimate relationships but also to our relationships with relatives, friends, and business partners. Again, I am not saying that astrology is something we must rule our own lives by, but in some situations, it is worth looking at.

I bought an old astrology Book in a used book shop. The content mainly deals with finding a soul mate. My current boyfriend and I’m considered a perfect match based on our celebrity signs. But I also know a couple whose marriage failed although their zodiac signs said that they were among the best matches possible. Thus, we shall see. When usingĀ business astrology to Guide you in your relationship it is important to bear in mind. That you are not searching for an individual identical to you in character and personality, but somebody that could complement your life with their own traits. In actuality, two individuals with the same sign aren’t considered a great match because doubling up on a lot of things can cause problems. There’s absolutely no hard and fast rule when it comes to astrology matching. So, the best advice is to simply use it as a manual and the main thing is to follow your heart and use your good judgment.

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